Terminator: 10 shortcuts

Ten useful shortcuts while using terminator:

1. CTRL + SHIFT + E : Open another instance adjacent to the one you have, but withou openning a new window. Usefull when you wanna send several commands and hava a one galnce view to all.

2. CTRL + SHIFT + T : Open another instance in a new tab of the same window.

3. CTRL + SHIFT + W : Closes an instance.

4. ALT + A : Broadcast to all tabs of terminator

5. ALT + G : Broadcast to the group of the selected tab

6. ALT + O : Turn off broadcast

7. SUPER + G : Group all windows

8. SHIFT + SUPER + G : Ungroup all windows

9. CTRL + SHIFT + X : Toggle between one tab terminal and all tabs.

10. ALT + F2 : Run a command

Though one thing terminator lacks is how to open an new terminator window while establishing a new ssh connection to a remote host. You can indeed, achieve that with profiles but if you have dozens of remote servers, it can become hard to manage.
In this case consider using tmux.

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